Bottom Billions Bottom Line Conference


Learn about the Bottom Billions Bottom Line Conference held April 1-2, 2011. Hosted by the Center for Integrity in Business.

Why the World Needs Business – by Collin Timms. Evening Plenary Session. Timms is founder and chairman of Guardian Bank, a cooperative bank established for the poor in Bangalore, India. [Audio] [Video]

Large Companies and the Power of the Supply Chain – by Gregg Nebel and Bonnie Nixon.  Bonnie Nixon is director of environmental sustainability at Hewlett-Packard. Gregg Nebel is head of social and environmental affairs for the Americas for the Adidas Group. [Audio] [Video]

Chocolate, Social Responsibility, and Fair Trade – by Joe Whinney, CEO, Theo Chocolate. [Audio] [Video]

Small-Scale Consumer Energy Business in Developing Countries – by Craig Nakagawa, co-founder of Vida-Gas, Jill Bamburg, Dean of Academic Affairs at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, and Gregory Spencer, marketing dir., the Paradigm Project. [Audio] [Video]

Business Legal Structures and Your Values – An Overview of the Advantages and Restrictions of For-profit, Nonprofit, B-Corps, L3Cs, and Hybrid Entities. By Brian Howe, founder, Vox Legal, R. Todd Johnson, partner, Jones Day, and John Sage, founder, Pure Vida. [Audio] [Video]

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