2014-2015 Opening Communion and the State of the University


Opening Communion and State of the UniversityIt’s a new academic year and here at Seattle Pacific, we begin every year by gathering together around the Lord’s table at the Opening Communion. This year, University Chaplain Dr. Bo Lim leads the service. His homily focuses on Psalm 126. So often in life we will, as the Psalmist puts it, sow in tears—like we did as a community after the shooting on our campus on June 5, 2014, or after the sudden passing of beloved staff member Jennifer Gilnett over the summer. But as Christians we also believe that we will reap with cries of joy. “Those who go forth weeping, / carrying sacks of seed, / Will return with cries of joy, / carrying their bundled sheaves.” (Psalm 126:6 NAB)

Immediately following Opening Communion, we observe another storied tradition: the State of the University Address. President Daniel J. Martin reflects on SPU’s past—including the tragic events of June 5—and sets out a plan for the future, centered around the theme of dance. President Martin reminds us that Paul Lee loved to dance.

And in case you’re interested in listening to Dr. Frank Spina’s Lectio series on the Psalms that President Martin turned to when he was preparing his reflections on June 5, you can find those here.

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