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Day of Common Learning 2013: Helping Youth Flourish

October 25, 2013

Day of Common Learning 2013: Helping Youth FlourishDr. Thomas Maridada, II joined us at our annual Day of Common Learning to deliver the keynote address, “Transforming Your Youth – Transforming Our Nation: Partnering In Service to Invest In the Lives of Our Nation’s Youth.” His address served as the touchstone for the day’s events, lectures, and seminars as we explored this year’s theme, “Helping Youth Flourish: Partnering With Families, Public Institutions, and Private Organizations to Develop the Talents, Strengths, and Potential of Youth.”

Dr. Maridada is the Children’s Defense Fund’s Director of National Education Policy, Practice and Strategic Initiatives. Prior to joining CDF, Dr. Maridada served as superintendent of several urban school districts in Michigan, where he was named “Michigan Superintendent of the Year” by the National Association of School Administrators. He has acted as a “school turn-around specialist” for some of the most challenging schools and districts in the country.

Watch and listen to his address here.

Unpacking Teacher Education Models

December 26, 2012

marzanoSPU’s School of Education sponsored a forum this past November 2012 with Dr. Robert Marzano as a part of exploring some of the best models for evaluating today’s educators.

A Conversation with Faculty and Students – Morning Session

A Conversation with School Leaders – Afternoon Session

Unpacking Teacher Evaluation Models: A Conversation About Teacher Evaluation Research – Evening Session

Research on Active Learning Spaces

December 21, 2012

D-Christopher-BrooksD. Christopher Brooks, Ph.D., joined our campus for a conversation on learning spaces.  Brooks is a Research Fellow in Educational Technology Services at the University of Minnesota where he conducts empirical research on the impact of educational technologies on teaching practices and learning outcomes.  Watch and listen as he shares his findings on the relationship between active learning spaces and student learning outcomes, instructor and student behavior, and student perceptions of the learning experience. Brooks also shares findings on the relationship between the type of pedagogical approach and student learning outcomes and student perceptions of the learning experience.

Pedagogy and Space: Empirical Research On New Learning Environments – December 10, 2012

Space Matters: The Impact of Active Learning Classrooms – December 11, 2012

SPU-Active Learning Classroom

Changing What We Tax

December 12, 2012

changing-what-we-taxSPU’s Department of Political Science & Geography hosted Changing What We Tax: Prospects for a Free-Enterprise Solution to Energy Security and Climate Change on November 14, 2012.  The Washington Policy Center and the Energy and Enterprise Initiative presented: Todd Myers, Director of the Center for the Environment at the WPC; Bob Inglis, Former U.S. Representative and Director of the EEI; Mike Wallace, Professor of Atmospheric Science, UW.

Congratulations, Jeff Van Duzer, on being named SPU Provost!

November 27, 2012

Join us in congratulating Jeff Van Duzer, Dean of SPU’s School of Business and Economics, in being named SPU Provost.  Here are a few iTunes U highlights from various events at which he has shared over the past several years.

Christians in the Marketplace October 1995

The Purpose of Business April 2005

God’s Vision for Business December 2006

How Business Contributes to Human Flourishing January 2009

Student Success Does Not Arise By Chance

November 14, 2012

The School of Theology and Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development regularly present teaching workshops for faculty.  Watch and listen as Professor Vincent Tinto, Distinguished University Professor at Syracuse University, speaks to SPU faculty about how “Student Success Does Not Arise By Chance”.  Recorded June 6, 2012.

Day of Common Learning 2012: Modeling Civic Engagement

November 7, 2012

Ramona Holmes, Mary Sherhart, Michele Anciaux Aoki, and Nedim Hamzic present “A Common Song: Musical Reconciliation in the Balkans.”  Watch and listen to the various musical selections from Bosnia, Herzegovina and Macedonia presented at the 2012 Day of Common Learning.

The Sleep-Stress Paradox: Five Steps to Better Sleep

October 31, 2012

Amy Mezulis, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, discusses the Sleep-Stress Paradox and shares five steps to sleeping better.  [Audio & Video]

The Christian Politic

October 17, 2012

Join Dr. Reed Davis, Professor of Political Science, for a series on “The Christian Politic” in which he discusses the historical impact of Christianity on politics and how that affects modern politically-minded Christians. Recorded January 2008.

Render Unto Caesar What Is His

What Should a Christian Politic Look Like?

Vote Democrat or Republican?

Choosing a Major

September 5, 2012

Not sure what to major in?  The Center for Career and Calling and SPU community discuss how to choose a major and what you can do with a Liberal Arts or Social Sciences degree.