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Choosing a Major

September 5, 2012

Not sure what to major in?  The Center for Career and Calling and SPU community discuss how to choose a major and what you can do with a Liberal Arts or Social Sciences degree.

What Are You Doing After Graduation?

April 25, 2012

Are you graduating this June?  Are you nervous about what to do after college?  The Center for Career and Calling has created a series of lectures touching on topics such as graduate school or working at a non-profit company to help students navigate the difficult decisions after college.  You can watch and listen to these lectures on SPU iTunes U.

A Career in Non-Profit: Will It Work for You?

March 22, 2012

Melany Brown, Executive Director of Alliance of Non-Profits of Washington, visits with students about pursuing a career in non-profit.  Hosted by the Center for Career and Calling.  [Video]

Job and Internship Search

August 5, 2011

If you’re looking for a job or an internship, The Center for Career and Calling has compiled some resources to aid you in the process of finding one in your field.

40 Tips for Getting Hired [Audio] [Video]

How to Find an Internship [Video]

Using LinkedIn for Your Job Search [Audio] [Video]

From College to Career [Audio] [Video]

Interviewing Effectively

November 2, 2010

This tutorial from the Center for Career and Calling will help you prepare for and master the art of a job interview. August 30, 2010. [Video]

Writing Faith Statements: For Tenure, Promotion, and Third-Year Review Files

October 26, 2010

Rick Steele, Professor of Moral and Historical Theology, guides tenure candidates through the process of writing one’s faith statement – one’s Christian journey and an explication on one’s understanding of the role of Christians as teachers, professors, librarians, and scholars. September 23, 2010. [Audio] [Video]

Green Careers

August 24, 2010

SPU’s Center for Career and Calling hosts a discussion about green careers.  Speakers: Bethany Walrad, Sustainability Coordinator of the SPU Facility Operations Center; Cat Gipe, Senior Global Development Major; and Stan Price, Partner at the Putnam Price Group. [Video]

Vocation, Relationships, and Faith: Building a Balanced and Integrated Life

June 21, 2010

Richard Dahlstrom, senior pastor of Bethany Community Church in Seattle and international speaker, discusses “senior survival” and vocation. February 25, 2010. [Audio] [Video]

Careers in the Liberal Arts

May 18, 2010

The SPU Center for Career and Calling, in partnership with SPU faculty members Ruth Ediger, Doug Thorpe, Jennifer McKinnon and Rebekah Rice, looks at careers in the liberal arts. January 14, 2010 [Audio] [Video]

Choosing Your Major

January 20, 2010

SPU Career Counselor Patty Farmer discusses career choices, majors, and resources available to university students. November 4, 2009. (40:37) [Video]