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Autumn 2012 Chapels: Book of Isaiah

December 10, 2012

ChapelUniversity Ministries delves into the Book of Isaiah in this year’s Autumn 2012 chapel series.

Introduction to Isaiah with Bo Lim, Associate Professor of Old Testament

Isaiah 9-20: Awakened to the Heart of God with Bob Zurinsky, Assistant Director of University Ministries & the Center for Worship

Isaiah 21-33: “Fallen, fallen is Babylon!” with Celeste Cranston, Director of the Center for Biblical & Theological Education

Isaiah 42: “…he will bring forth justice to the nations.” with President Daniel J. Martin

Isaiah 49-55: Messiah Sing-A-Long with Ron Haight, Conductor

Isaiah 56-66: Song of Longing with Gerry Marsh, Composer, and Ryan Marsh, Pastor

Thanksgiving Chapel

Festival of Lessons and Carols


Congratulations, Jeff Van Duzer, on being named SPU Provost!

November 27, 2012

Join us in congratulating Jeff Van Duzer, Dean of SPU’s School of Business and Economics, in being named SPU Provost.  Here are a few iTunes U highlights from various events at which he has shared over the past several years.

Christians in the Marketplace October 1995

The Purpose of Business April 2005

God’s Vision for Business December 2006

How Business Contributes to Human Flourishing January 2009

Thank you, President Philip W. Eaton

June 1, 2012

Thank you, President Philip W. Eaton, for your years of service at Seattle Pacific University.  Here are just a few highlights from your many conversations and university addresses shared on SPU iTunes U.

1993-1994 Opening Convocation: “A Shine and a Song”

1994 Spiritual Formation: What Is It?

1996 Inaugural Chapel: Welcome Dr. Eaton

1996 Service of Installation: President Philip W. Eaton

1997 It’s Not Easy Being Christian

2001 Connecting Our Stories with God’s Story

2002 President Eaton Speaks from the Heart

2005 The SPU Signature: What Does This Place Stand for Anyway?

2005 Can Christians Really Change the World?

2011 “Forming a Community of Faith” Matthew 14:1-17:13

2011-2012 State of the University

Community Chapel with Dr. John Perkins

May 2, 2012

Dr. John Perkins, President of the John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development, shares about how one can engage the culture and change the world at the April 24, 2012 SPU community chapel.  [Audio]

Community Chapel with Rev. Bernice King

April 11, 2012

Watch and listen to Rev. Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., share at a recent community chapel on “Reclaiming the We Factor.”

Winter Quarter Chapel Series

February 15, 2012

This quarter the SPU community has been delving into the Book of Mark during Chapel.

If you haven’t been able to make it to Chapel, you can catch up by listening to the speakers on SPU iTunes U.

Thank you, Dr. Steele!

February 1, 2012

Thank you, Dr. Les Steele, for your 26 years of service to the SPU community.

Dr. Steele has nearly 90 talks available on SPU iTunes U.  While we can’t list every lecture here, we thought we would provide you links to several of them to highlight his dedication and involvement in the SPU community.

Growing in the Kingdom” given September 30, 1985

The Smell of Artificial Roses” given April 14, 1989

Confessions of a Recovering Jesus Freak” given January 22, 1996

Way Leads to Way” given October 7, 2003

Fall Quarter Chapel Series is Wrapping Up

November 23, 2011

Want to get up to speed with what is happening in Chapel?  You can follow along as the speakers take the SPU community through the books of Joshua and Judges.  It’s a good way to catch up before chapel dives into the book of Mark during Winter Quarter.  [Audio and Video]

Fall Quarter Chapel Series

October 19, 2011

Want to get up to speed with what is happening in Chapel?  Listen to the services as the chapel team and speakers take students, faculty and staff through the Book of Joshua during Fall Quarter.  [Audio]

“Morning is Near” Romans 13

May 31, 2011

Kelsey Holloway, Administrative Assistant for the Center for Biblical and Theological Education, continues Chapel’s study of Romans. May 17, 2011. [Audio]