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Advanced Grammar (ENG 3180)

January 31, 2013

ImageThis basic grammar course taught by English Professor Luke Reinsma brings insights from both traditional and generative-transformational approaches to explain how language works. Watch as Dr. Reinsma introduces students to parts of speech, phrases and clauses, as well as to grammatical and mechanical rules for generating standard American English.

Biochemistry (BIO/CHM 4362) – Winter 2013

January 23, 2013

Ben McFarlandAssociate Professor of Biochemistry Ben McFarland continues his study of the chemical properties of biological compounds (carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids), metabolism (biochemical energetics, enzymes, electron transportation, and oxidative phosphorylation), and the integration of metabolism (biochemical genetics, metabolic regulation) in his series of Winter Quarter 2013 lectures.

Biochemistry (BIO/CHM 4361) – Autumn 2012

October 24, 2012

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Ben McFarland studies the chemical properties of biological compounds (carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and proteins, and nucleic acids), metabolism (biochemical energetics, enzymes, electron transport, and oxidative phosphorylation), and the integration of metabolism (biochemical genetics, metabolic regulation). Series of Autumn 2012 course lectures.

Survey of Physical Chemistry Lectures

April 4, 2012

Associate Professor of Biochemistry Ben McFarland guides students through a variety physical chemistry topics, including thermodynamics, kinetics, quantum chemistry, and spectroscopy.  Watch and listen to his lectures on SPU iTunes U.

Creating and Using Rubrics in Blackboard

January 4, 2012

Dr. David Denton, from the SPU School of Education, discusses the benefits and challenges of incorporating a rubric into one’s instruction and specifically addresses the use of rubrics within Blackboard.  [Video]

The Miller’s Prologue and Tale

December 7, 2011

SPU English Professor Luke Reinsma reads Chaucer’s The Miller’s Prologue and Tale in its original dialect.  [Audio]

Answers to 4 Questions about iTunes U

November 30, 2011

David Wicks, Director of Instructional Technology Services, addresses the following faculty questions regarding iTunes U:   What is iTunes U?   How do you access iTunes U?   What resources can be found on iTunes U?   How can iTunes U be used in your instruction? [Video]

Lebanon City Manager Speaks in Political Science Class

November 2, 2011

Interested in local and state government?  John Hitt, City Manager of Lebanon, Oregon, spoke in Professor Caleb Henry’s State and Local Politics class.  The class analyzes contemporary state and local governmental institutions and how they operate within America’s federal system.  October 21, 2011. [Audio and Video]

Poll Everywhere

October 26, 2011

Assistant Professor of Economics Geri Mason taught back-to-back courses in different buildings during Spring 2011 and wanted to make sure her second class started productively as she scurried from one location to the other. Her solution,  She began each class with an open-ended question projected to the class and a phone number for texting answers.  Within the first five minutes of class, she had feedback from all fifty students and students could see other students’ answers scrolling down the screen.  Professor Mason could then ask students to get into groups to discuss their answers with others.  Within 15 minutes of the class starting, she had students identifying key issues that she would teach about in her lecture.

Professor Mason identifies a number of great uses of which she shares in this workshop. [Video]

Survey of Physical Chemistry (CHM 3410)

April 20, 2011

Ben McFarland, Associate Professor of Biochemistry, walks students through a survey of physical chemistry topics, such as thermodynamics, kinetics, quantum chemistry and spectroscopy, including life science applications. Spring 2011. [Audio and Video]


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