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The Book of Mark, Chapters 4-6

June 4, 2008

Professor of Educational Ministry Ed Smyth challenges Christians to pursue Christ and to have faith for bold things, including healing. April 30, 2008. (14:45) [Audio]

Advent | Dilemma of Captivity | Potok

December 18, 2007

Recent Features:
Advent Chapel Pastor Sara France encourages Christians to avoid the trap of consumerism and instead spend time pursuing a soul connection with Jesus. November 27, 2007. (21:34) [Audio]

The Dilemma of Captivity Pastor Richard Dahlstrom talks about forming covenant relationships with others so that Christians might be a blessing and that God’s character will be made visible through the Christian community. October 3, 2007. (27:13) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Cultural Confrontation: Wrestling with Rebellious Stories Author Chaim Potok shares about his writing career and discusses how stories help us encounter truth outside of our cultural traditions. October 29, 1997. (49:30) [Audio]

SPU Faculty | The Van Duzers | Many stories = one story

August 2, 2007

Recent Features:
Faith in the Lives and Work of SPU Faculty Professor of Christian Scriptures Frank Spina, Assistant Professor of Sociology Jennifer McKinney, and Professor of Art Laura Lasworth discuss the role of faith in their scholarly work and personal lives. April 18, 2006. (48:33) [Audio]

Beloved in the Wilderness Dean of the School of Business & Economics Jeff Van Duzer and Former SPU Chaplain & Spiritual Director Margie Van Duzer examine Luke 3:21-22 & 4:1-13, emphasizing that our identity comes from God and he delights in who we are. November 1, 2006. (22:27) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Many Little Stories = 1 Story Emeriti Professor of English Joyce Erickson encourages students to use times of doubt about their faith as opportunities to grow, recognizing that their story is part of God’s larger story. May 11, 1983. (20:39) [Audio]

Leslie Braxton | Susan VanZanten

June 22, 2007

Recent Features:
Turning the World Upside Down
Minister Leslie Braxton expounds upon Acts 8, challenging students to boldly serve as a witness for Christ. April 25, 2007. (44:00) [Audio]

“Lost” in a Good Story Professor of English and Director of the Center for Scholarship & Faculty Development Susan VanZanten takes a look at the TV series Lost and our own Christian story. November 14, 2006. (39:55) [Audio] [Video]

Wall | Hall of Fame | Woodward

April 12, 2007

Recent Features:
Why Jesus?
Professor Rob Wall reads and reflects on Acts 3. April 4, 2007. (32:13) [Audio]

Falcon Legends Hall of Fame Listen to or watch the induction of Orville Anderson, SPU basketball alumnus, into the Falcon Legends Hall of Fame. The inductions of Anita Sartin Barhbaum (track and field), Linda Johnson Cooper (women’s basketball), Frank Furtado (wrestling), V. O. “Bud” McDole (athletic supporter) and are also available on iTunes U. February 2, 2007. (14:20) [Audio] [Video]

SPU Classics:
The People of Promise and the People of Hope Professor Bill Woodward, two-time Winifred E. Weter lecturer, examines the compatibility of Christianity and the American dream. April 14, 2005. (1:33:01) [Audio] [Video]