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Great Mission in a Groaning World | Native American Contributions to Worship | Christian Commitment Week

October 8, 2007

Recent Features:
Great Mission in a Groaning World
Associate Director for Faith Development at World Vision International Tim Dearborn expounds upon Micah 6:8 and shares about his travels in India, Rwanda, and Cambodia, calling listeners to be seekers of justice. May 17, 2005. (28:38) [Audio]

Native American Contributions to Worship Member of the Swan River Cree Nation Reverend Ray Aldred shares insights into aboriginal gatherings, describing worship as a communal event, stories as central in communicating a message, and suffering as a natural part of life. November 9, 2004. (25:18) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Christian Commitment: Luke 8 Young Life Field Director Robert Mitchell shares the stories of Jesus healing Jairus’ daughter and the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak, encouraging listeners to commit their lives to loving and serving God who cares deeply for us. March 26, 1973. (26:46) [Audio]

Marriage Talk | Sex

August 14, 2007

Recent Features:
Marriage Talk: Till Death Do us Part
Pastor Eugene Cho shares that marriage is a calling, and in successful marriages, the couple is wholly-reliant on God and seeks Him through praying together. February 15, 2005. (20:59) [Audio]

A Christian View of Sexuality Sexual therapists, educators, and authors Drs. Cliff and Joyce Penner address embracing the gift of sex, navigating its scariness, powerfulness, and wonderfulness. March 8, 2005. (29:54) [Audio]

Eaton | Six Stories | Sine

June 8, 2007

Recent Features:

Can Christians Really Change the World? SPU President Phil Eaton challenges faculty, staff, and students to think deeply about the purpose of a Christian university and its influence in the world. November 1, 2005. (25:48) [Audio]

Six Stories: People Who are Changing the World This promotional video showcases how SPU faculty, students, and alumni are engaging the culture and changing the world. (15:40) [Video]

SPU Classics:
Your Future as Opportunity
Tom Sine challenges students to pursue careers and lifestyles that are committed to God’s vision and purposes rather than chase the materialistic American dream. May 8, 1992. (43:14) [Audio]

Koenig | Keuss | Palau

April 18, 2007

Recent Features:
Giving Blood Minister of Discipleship Rev. Matthew Koenig explains the significance of Jesus’ blood at the 2007 Good Friday Service. April 6, 2007. (24:05) [Audio]

Talkin’ About a Revolution Associate Professor of Christian Ministry Jeff Keuss discusses why the resurrection of Jesus matters today. April 10, 2007. (22:34) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Dream Big Dreams, Part 1 of 4
Evangelist Luis Palau encourages the Christian community to seek great things for God in this first of a four part Christian Commitment Week series. October 3, 1978. (37:53) [Audio]

Weigel | Ring by Spring | Images of the Kingdom

March 1, 2007

Recent Features:
What the Church Asks of the World George Weigel, widely regarded as one of America’s leading experts on the role of Christianity in world politics, religious freedom, just-war tradition, and Roman Catholic theology speaks in Chapel. Chapel: February 27, 2007. (55:17) [Audio] [Video]

The Realities and Challenges of “Ring by Spring” Marriage and Family Therapy professor Dr. Scott Edwards discusses the real-life issues surrounding engagement in college. Forum: February 8, 2007.(51:11) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Images of  the Kingdom Theology Professor Dr. Eugene Lemcio examines why Jesus chose images over “straight talk” and what those images have to say. Chapel: October 28, 1985. (28:49) [Audio]