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Autumn 2012 Chapels: Book of Isaiah

December 10, 2012

ChapelUniversity Ministries delves into the Book of Isaiah in this year’s Autumn 2012 chapel series.

Introduction to Isaiah with Bo Lim, Associate Professor of Old Testament

Isaiah 9-20: Awakened to the Heart of God with Bob Zurinsky, Assistant Director of University Ministries & the Center for Worship

Isaiah 21-33: “Fallen, fallen is Babylon!” with Celeste Cranston, Director of the Center for Biblical & Theological Education

Isaiah 42: “…he will bring forth justice to the nations.” with President Daniel J. Martin

Isaiah 49-55: Messiah Sing-A-Long with Ron Haight, Conductor

Isaiah 56-66: Song of Longing with Gerry Marsh, Composer, and Ryan Marsh, Pastor

Thanksgiving Chapel

Festival of Lessons and Carols


Isaiah – Lectio: Guided Bible Readings

September 26, 2012

Join Assistant Professor of Old Testament Bo Lim as he leads listeners on a journey through the book of Isaiah on SPU iTunes U. Lectio: Guided Bible Readings are sponsored by The Center for Biblical & Theological Education.