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2013 Marston Lecture: “Reading the Persian Empire”

February 23, 2013

The C. May Marston Lecture In ClassicsIn Dr. Owen Ewald’s 2013 C. May Marston Lecture In Classics, “Reading the Persian Empire”, Persian realities and representations in ancient and modern literature are explored. Although Persia was one of the largest empires in human history before its conquest by Alexander the Great, it remains an enigma. Since few Persian documents have survived, we see Persia mostly through the eyes of others, especially its Greek subjects. Modern novels such as Stephen Pressfield’s Gates of Fire and Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis have also taken up the challenge of depicting ancient Persia. Professor Ewald juxtaposes modern and classic literature to bring to life this neglected classical civilization.

2012 Marston Lecture in Classics – “Real Beauty in Plato?: Sifting the Hippias Major”

March 7, 2012

As a faculty member of Seattle Pacific College from 1902-1958, C. May Marston loved to share her deep passion and love for the classics.  Come share in our passion for the classics as we continue to explore the literature, history, art and heritage of the ancient Mediterranean world through an annual lecture in her honor.

This year Dr. Owen Ewald spoke to the SPU community on “Real Beauty in Plato?: Sifting the Hippias Major”.  Watch the lecture on SPU iTunes U.

Augustine’s Journey

March 16, 2011

Owen Ewald, C. May Marston Assistant Professor of Classics, discusses Augustine of Hippo’s spiritual journey in the Confessions and how urban spaces typical of the later Roman Empire function as personal and theological milestones along the way. 2011 C. May Marston Lecture. February 15, 2011. [Audio] [Video]

2010 C. May Marston Lecture: Why Vergil Matters

March 23, 2010

Owen Ewald, C. May Marston Professor of the Classics, discusses how Vergil continues to inspire further interpretation and creative adaptation of his work. Complete synopsis of the C. May Marston Lecture. February 22, 2010. [Audio] [Video]