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Salon Classics

July 29, 2011

Experience the musical talents of Professor Wayne Johnson as he plays selections from faculty CD “Salon Classics: From the Golden Age of the Piano.”

The Musical Snuff Box [Audio]

Staendchen [Audio]

Le Banjo [Audio]

On Wings of Song [Audio]

Multicultural Worship Night

January 18, 2011

A time to celebrate the love of God, highlighting the oneness of His people. With Dr. Stephen Newby, Gospel Choir, Worship Arts Ensemble, and special guest Richard Allen Farmer, M.Div. [Audio]

Piano Favorites

November 16, 2010

Professor of Music Wayne Johnson performs a collection of piano favorites by Chopin, Granados, and Gershwin.

Nocturne in B Minor, Op. 32 No. 1 [Video]

Nocturne in C-sharp minor, Op. Post [Video]

The Man I Love [Video]

Spanish Dance No. 5 (“Andaluza”) [Video]

Day of Common Learning 2009: Transformational Leadership

October 21, 2009

The Day of Common Learning is a campus in-service day during which faculty, staff and students have the opportunity to participate together in a learning community outside of traditional classrooms.

Keynote Address: Transformational Leadership Ronald C. White. Emeritus Professor of American Religious History at San Francisco Theological Seminary. [Video]

Abraham Lincoln: Classical Orator Assistant Professor of Classics Owen Ewald and Associate Professor of Communications William Purcell consider Lincoln in the context of the tradition of classical oratory. [Audio]

Civil Discourse in a Coarsening Culture Ronald C. White, Emeritus Professor of American Religious History at San Francisco Theological Seminary, and Doug Strong, Professor of the History of Christianity and Dean of the School of Theology, address how Lincoln can be a guide for wisdom and witness. [Video]

From Just Paying the Bills to Intentional Living: Leadership Transforming the Off-Campus Housing Experience Associate Director of University Ministries Matthew Koenig and Sharpen Ministry Intentional Living Core students discuss the demographic changes at SPU which find more and more students commuting and how groups of students are responding through innovative forms of Christian community. [Audio]

Lincoln and the Lilacs Professor of English and Director of the Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development Susan VanZanten examines how Walt Whitman captured both Lincoln’s magnificence and American grief. [Video]

Lincoln and the Possibilities of Prudential Politics Assistant Professor of Old Testament Bo Lim and Assistant Professor of Political Science Caleb Henry examine why prudential politics is so difficult. [Audio]

The Lincoln/Douglas Debate The SPU Debate Team recreates part of the Lincoln / Douglas debates that helped propel Lincoln onto the national stage. [Audio]

Lincoln on Education Professor of Education Chris Sink explores Lincoln’s views on education in light of contemporary perspectives. [Audio] [Video]

Lincoln’s Use (and Abuse?) of Presidential Power Professor of History Bill Woodward asks the audience to judge both Lincoln’s actions and parallel instances today with regard to five transforming ways Lincoln wielded presidential power. [Audio]

Ode to Joy: Tragedy, Triumph and Transformation in the Life and Music of Beethoven Professor of Music Wayne Johnson looks at how adversity can help create qualities of determination, character and transformative leadership. [Video]

Transformational Leadership: In Practice and in Progress The John Perkins Center and Student Volunteer Coordinators introduce the John Perkins Center model of student leadership development and share stories of growth and engagement from student leaders currently serving in volunteer programs and at various stages along the leadership development continuum. [Video]

Transforming Leadership and the Power of Service Professor of Nursing Kathy Stetz and Assistant Professor of Journalism Rick Jackson discuss how Paul Farmer’s journey offers insight for everyone, inside and outside medicine, on how real leadership arises from service anchored in vocation. [Audio]

Transforming Self to Transform Others: Lessons from the Prodigal Father Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology Margaret Diddams walks through the practices necessary to become a transformational leader and the unique types of changes that transformational leaders are most likely to make possible. [Audio] [Video]

U2 and the Future of Transformational Leadership Associate Professor of Christian Ministry Jeff Keuss looks at how U2 provokes leaders of the free world to reconsider everything from immigration policy to debt relief. [Audio] [Video]

University Players: The Princess and the Ogre

July 29, 2009

The University Players, SPU’s acting troupe, takes the audience on a musical journey that examines our calling as Christians to love our enemies and the truth that no one has fallen too far to be saved by the grace of God. June 2, 2009. (58:39) [Audio]

Action of Mercy | African Drums | Through the Eyes of a Child

July 30, 2007

Recent Features:
The Action of Mercy Associate Professor of Communication Todd Rendleman performs selections from Flannery O’Conner’s literary works. October 4, 2001. (46:36) [Audio] [Video]

African Drums SPU Ethnic Percussion Ensemble performance. March 13, 2005. (3:58) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Through the Eyes of a Child
Margaret Woods takes a look at the world from a child’s perspective and stresses the importance of exercising one’s imagination. April 26, 1976. (26:57) [Audio]

King Came Singing | Soul Mates? | Englund on Nightingale

June 15, 2007

Recent Features:
King Came Singing Assistant Professor of Music Stephen Newby, the SPU Gospel Choir, and Guest Musicians perform music selections and dramatic readings in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January 18, 2007. (47:33) [Audio] [Video]

Soul Mates or Sole Mate? Director of the Center of Evangelical Spirituality Gary Thomas urges listeners to move past idealized notions and expectations of marriage and recognize marriage as a path to holiness rather than a route to mere happiness. May 16, 2006. (27:12) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Florence Nightingale
Retiring Associate Professor of Nursing Ruby Englund shares lessons from the life of Florence Nightingale, a pioneer of modern nursing. February 15, 1990. (47:14) [Audio]

President’s Spring Forum | Thalia Performance | Dickerson

May 26, 2007

Recent Features:
President’s Spring Forum SPU faculty and staff are honored for their years of service and significant contributions to the university. May 8, 2007. (40:01) [Audio]

Thalia Symphony Orchestra performance. February 7, 2006. (10:16) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Honors Convocation: 1984-1985 Former SPU Vice President of Academic Affairs David O. Dickerson reflects on the trials Joseph endured as recorded in the Old Testament. May 22, 1985. (7:35) [Audio]

Catford Recital | What Knowledge Is of Most Worth? | 1991 Centennial Video

May 3, 2007

Recent Features:
Caprice in Passacaile Music Adjunct Julian Catford performs a classical guitar solo at a faculty recital. February 12, 2006. (3:52) [Audio]

What Knowledge is of Most Worth? Professor of Education Arthur Ellis discusses the ideas found in Herbert Spencer’s essay “What Knowledge Is of Most Worth” published in 1859. Online course lecture. (33:23) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
People of a Growing Vision
This 1991 SPU centennial video showcases university faculty, students, and alumni and the difference they are making in the world. (13:14) [Video]

Jackson | Newby | Perkins

April 6, 2007

Recent Features:
Searching For a Prophetic Voice
Dr. Rick Jackson examines the role of the media in covering and contributing to the American Civil Rights Movement. January 18, 2007. (56:58) [Audio]

The Historical Context of Gospel Music Dr. Stephen Newby presents the history of American gospel music, dating back to its earliest forms in the Black church to its present influence in worship today. February 22, 2007. (51:18) [Audio] [Video]

SPU Classics:
A Quiet Revolution
Nearly three decades ago, Dr. John Perkins visited the SPU campus to share his personal faith journey and views on the role of churches in serving their neighborhoods. April 5, 1978. (44:42) [Audio]