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Social Darwinism and Politics (POL 3550)

June 24, 2009

Political Science Professor Reed Davis explores the impact of Darwinism and scientific materialism on such fields as criminal justice, medicine, economics, welfare and education during the past century. Topics include eugenics, the Scopes trial, biological defenses in criminal law and evolutionary theories of morality. Spring 2009. Series of 8 lectures. [Audio]

Weigel | Origins of the Earth

March 8, 2007

Recent Features:
Europe and Its Discontents George Weigel. Senior Fellow, Ethics & Public Policy Center. Part 3 of the President’s Symposium on Knowing and Understanding our World: A Christian Response to the 21st Century: February 27, 2007. (1:06:56) [Audio] [Video]

SPU Classics:
Origins of the Earth Panel of SPU faculty on faith and science. Dialogues on the relationship between faith and science, ways of knowing, and discussion concerning “new” lunar evidence for the age of the earth and the birth of the solar system. Lecture: November 7, 1975. (42:21) [Audio]