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The Digital Society

July 25, 2012

How should Christians frame their understanding of technology?  What makes a Christian perspective on technology unique from others? How does our theology and spirituality influence the way we think about technology?  Practitioners, business and IT leaders, and historians and sociologists who study technology explore these and other questions at an interdisciplinary conference about rethinking the Christian commentary on technology for the digital era.  Join the conversation by listening to all four lectures on SPU iTunes U.

Creating and Using Rubrics in Blackboard

January 4, 2012

Dr. David Denton, from the SPU School of Education, discusses the benefits and challenges of incorporating a rubric into one’s instruction and specifically addresses the use of rubrics within Blackboard.  [Video]

Answers to 4 Questions about iTunes U

November 30, 2011

David Wicks, Director of Instructional Technology Services, addresses the following faculty questions regarding iTunes U:   What is iTunes U?   How do you access iTunes U?   What resources can be found on iTunes U?   How can iTunes U be used in your instruction? [Video]

Poll Everywhere

October 26, 2011

Assistant Professor of Economics Geri Mason taught back-to-back courses in different buildings during Spring 2011 and wanted to make sure her second class started productively as she scurried from one location to the other. Her solution,  She began each class with an open-ended question projected to the class and a phone number for texting answers.  Within the first five minutes of class, she had feedback from all fifty students and students could see other students’ answers scrolling down the screen.  Professor Mason could then ask students to get into groups to discuss their answers with others.  Within 15 minutes of the class starting, she had students identifying key issues that she would teach about in her lecture.

Professor Mason identifies a number of great uses of which she shares in this workshop. [Video]

Evaluation of the Use of Semantic Web Technology in a Collaborative Learning Environment

November 20, 2009

Andrew Lumpe, Professor of Education, and David Wicks, Director of Instructional Technology Services, share their research findings at the SLOAN-C International Conference on Online Learning. In this study, a semantic web tool called Twine was used in a graduate level course for K-12 educators. It was found that collaborative teams using the semantic web application developed higher levels of expertise. October 29, 2009. (32:20) [Video]

Content Capture Technologies: Camtasia Relay

April 1, 2009

Content Capture Technologies: Camtasia Relay Instructional Technology Services Director David Wicks explains how to use Camtasia Relay to create podcasts or webcasts. March 24, 2009. [Audio] [Video]

Content Capture Technologies: Camtasia Relay Instructor Tips Professor of Education Andrew Lumpe explains how he uses Camtasia Relay, including how he plans a content capture. March 24, 2009. [Audio] [Video]

Networking and Telecommunications for Educators (EDTC 6434)

January 28, 2009

Director of Instructional Technology Services David Wicks provides an introduction to distance and blended education. Distance education is teaching and learning that takes place where there is physical separation between the instructor and students. Typically, there is also a time separation, meaning that the instructor and students aren’t accessing the course at the same time. Blended courses are courses in which there are some online components. For example, there could be online documents such as a syllabus or readings. There could be podcasts, an online gradebook, or online quizzes. A blended course takes place primarily in a face-to-face environment, while taking full advantage of technologies that work well outside of the classroom. Winter 2009. Series of course lectures. [Audio & Video]

Virtual Synchronous Classroom

July 30, 2008

SPU 2007 Teaching and Technology Grant recipients Ryan LaBrie, Don Peter, and Melani Plett demonstrate the use of Adobe Connect in a university classroom. January 31, 2008.

Part 1 of 3 Ryan LaBrie, Associate Professor of Management and Information Systems (20:47) [Video]

Part 2 of 3 Don Peter, Associate Professor of Engineering (9:40) [Video]

Part 3 of 3 Melani Plett, Associate Professor of Engineering (24:55) [Video]

Seattle Pacific University on iTunes U: What Are People Saying?

July 1, 2008

Watch a short video on the impact of SPU’s iTunes U. Created by Jessica Tibbils, Instructional Technology Services Intern and 2008 SPU Graduate in Visual Communications. June 26, 2008. (4:55)

New Advances in School Change and Innovation

June 24, 2008

Professor of Education Arthur K. Ellis discusses the following educational innovations: cooperative learning, service learning, wikis, reflective assessment, brain science, comprehensive school reform, and constructivism. June 24, 2008. (41:43) [Audio] [Video]