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Theory and Research in Reflective Self-Assessment

May 24, 2012

Watch and listen to Art Ellis, Professor of Education, discuss “Theory and Research in Reflective Self-Assessment” in a recent School of Theology and Center for Scholarship & Faculty Development workshop.

Team Teaching

March 22, 2012

Industrial / Organizational Psychology professors Paul Yost and Joey Collins lead a workshop on team teaching. Hosted by the School of Theology and Center for Scholarship & Faculty Development. [Video]

Working with Students to Write Effective Scholarship

February 8, 2012

Luke Reinsma, Professor of English and University Scholars Director, presents “Working with Students to Write Effective Scholarship” [video] in a recent workshop hosted by the School of Theology and Center for Scholarship & Faculty Development.

Creating and Using Rubrics in Blackboard

January 4, 2012

Dr. David Denton, from the SPU School of Education, discusses the benefits and challenges of incorporating a rubric into one’s instruction and specifically addresses the use of rubrics within Blackboard.  [Video]

Answers to 4 Questions about iTunes U

November 30, 2011

David Wicks, Director of Instructional Technology Services, addresses the following faculty questions regarding iTunes U:   What is iTunes U?   How do you access iTunes U?   What resources can be found on iTunes U?   How can iTunes U be used in your instruction? [Video]

Lesson Planning / Classroom Pacing

November 17, 2011

Scott Beers, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, talks with faculty about strategies for planning lessons and classroom pacing in this workshop sponsored by the School of Theology and Center for Scholarship & Faculty Development.  October 13, 2011.  [Audio and Video]

Poll Everywhere

October 26, 2011

Assistant Professor of Economics Geri Mason taught back-to-back courses in different buildings during Spring 2011 and wanted to make sure her second class started productively as she scurried from one location to the other. Her solution,  She began each class with an open-ended question projected to the class and a phone number for texting answers.  Within the first five minutes of class, she had feedback from all fifty students and students could see other students’ answers scrolling down the screen.  Professor Mason could then ask students to get into groups to discuss their answers with others.  Within 15 minutes of the class starting, she had students identifying key issues that she would teach about in her lecture.

Professor Mason identifies a number of great uses of which she shares in this workshop. [Video]

Best Teaching Ideas 2009

June 8, 2009

Creative Presentations for Teachers SPU Assistant Professor of Education and Elementary Placement Coordinator Debby Espinor describes a project that requires her students to create creative presentations that illustrate their individual teaching philosophies. [Audio] [Video]

What Is Truth? SPU Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology Paul Yost outlines his use of a postmodern Cinderella story to examine the importance of varying perspectives in trying to get at truth. [Audio] [Video]

Teaching Grammar by Numbers Instructor of English Misty Anne Winzenried describes her method for teaching grammar to students. [Audio] [Video]

Market Simulation Associate Professor of Economics Doug Downing simulates the fluctuation in the stock market in a classroom where the buying and selling by students changes the value of their stocks. [Audio] [Video]

The Physics Interview Process Assistant Professor of Physics Hunter Close shares about how learning assistants studied how students think about something in physics. [Audio] [Video]

Content Capture Technologies: Camtasia Relay

April 1, 2009

Content Capture Technologies: Camtasia Relay Instructional Technology Services Director David Wicks explains how to use Camtasia Relay to create podcasts or webcasts. March 24, 2009. [Audio] [Video]

Content Capture Technologies: Camtasia Relay Instructor Tips Professor of Education Andrew Lumpe explains how he uses Camtasia Relay, including how he plans a content capture. March 24, 2009. [Audio] [Video]

Virtual Synchronous Classroom

July 30, 2008

SPU 2007 Teaching and Technology Grant recipients Ryan LaBrie, Don Peter, and Melani Plett demonstrate the use of Adobe Connect in a university classroom. January 31, 2008.

Part 1 of 3 Ryan LaBrie, Associate Professor of Management and Information Systems (20:47) [Video]

Part 2 of 3 Don Peter, Associate Professor of Engineering (9:40) [Video]

Part 3 of 3 Melani Plett, Associate Professor of Engineering (24:55) [Video]