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Rule of Thumb: Ebert at the Movies

May 14, 2012

In his new book Rule of Thumb: Ebert at the Movies,  Professor of Communication Todd Rendleman “explores the values, temperament, character, and style that have made Roger Ebert the most trusted and influential film critic in America.” Listen to Rendleman’s insights on each chapter of his book on SPU iTunes U.

Salon Classics

July 29, 2011

Experience the musical talents of Professor Wayne Johnson as he plays selections from faculty CD “Salon Classics: From the Golden Age of the Piano.”

The Musical Snuff Box [Audio]

Staendchen [Audio]

Le Banjo [Audio]

On Wings of Song [Audio]

Day of Common Learning 2010

December 7, 2010

Changing China: Associate Professor Doug Downing explores the story of how China has recently changed and the role of microcredit in providing opportunities for the poor. Associate Professor of Economics. Part 1 [Video] Part 2 [Video]

The Global Food System and India: Food Security vs. Food Sovereignty: Professor Kevin Neuhouser discusses the possibilities of ending world hunger through maximizing food production and strategies that focus on local, organic, and native foods. [Video]

Today’s Persecuted Church: Associate Professor Don Peter discusses the cultural, political, and religious motivations of global Christian persecution. [Video]

Who Is My Neighbor?: Associate Professor Michelle Beauclair and Instructor Andrea Taylor-Brochet discuss the stance of Christian Roma community members, how Christian groups have responded to the Roma expulsion, and what we can learn from this about our interactions with people who are culturally different from us. [Video]

Signs and Wonders: Communications Specialist Julia Siemens and SPU students Emily Morehouse and Rachel Smith tell stories of miraculous things they witnessed in Bangalore. [Audio]

The Global Impact of Infectious Disease: What Can You Do?: Biology Professors Cindy Bishop and Derek Wood discuss the global impact of parasites and infectious diseases with a focus on the “Microbial Impact Project” assembled each year by students in the SPU BIO 3351 Microbiology course. [Video]

A Child Redeemed: ZOE Children’s Home, Chiang Mai, Thailand: SPU staff member Joyce Bhang portrays God’s redemptive work in Thailand through the life of a child rescued from the threat of human trafficking. [Video]

The World Comes to Seattle: Assistant Professors of Education Jorge Preciado and Tracy Williams discuss ideas on improving social and academic performance in multicultural education. [Video]

Art, Christianity, Global: Charis Boundary Crossings: Art Professor Roger Feldman examines the artistic cultural exchange, hosted by the Nagel Institute and CCCU, that converged in Yogyakarta and Bali on Java, Indonesia in June of 2008. [Video] [Audio]

Energy Poverty: Associate Professors of Physics Lane Seeley and John Lindberg discuss the ways in which availability of energy resources influences a community’s ability to meet basic human needs and provide opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth. [Video] [Audio]

Our Top Ten List of Amazing Good News from India: Professor of Geography Kathleen Braden and Al Erisman, Executive in Residence discuss ten economic and social phenomena from India that create encouragement and hope regarding India’s future. [Video] [Audio]

SPRINT India: Transformative Mission Through Empowering Education: Owen Sallee, Michael Richards, and members of the Summer 2009 and 2010 India SPRINT teams share stories from their work with Operation Mobilization and the Dalit Freedom Network, empowering members of India’s lowest caste through schools and education. John Perkins Center. [Video] [Audio]

Kingdom Without Borders: Global Christianity in the 21st Century: Professor of Global Ministries Miriam Adeney explores Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist countries, as well as Latin American and African, and provides a glimpse of the backstory of her new book Kingdom Without Borders. [Audio]

Embassy Doorways for Orphan Nation: Assistant Professor of Education Richard Scheuerman and 2004 Alum Richard Moore share information on challenges and opportunities to place over a thousand orphans in Christian homes in their native country across Eastern Europe. [Audio]

7th Annual Denise Levertov Award: Ron Hansen

June 29, 2010

Seventh Annual Denise Levertov Award, presented at Mars Hill Graduate School to novelist Ron Hansen, author of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Exiles, and others. May 20, 2010 [Audio] [Video]

The Myth of Orpheus: Love and Music

April 22, 2009

Associate Professor of Classics Owen Ewald discusses the myth of Orpheus, who used music to bring back his wife Eurydice from the underworld, only to lose her when he looked back too soon. C. May Marston Lecture. February 24, 2009. [Audio] [Video]

Art, Faith, and Recycled Connections

May 7, 2008

Professor of Art Roger Feldman explores the relationship between faith and art. May 14, 2002. (21:35) [Audio]

President’s Spring Forum | Thalia Performance | Dickerson

May 26, 2007

Recent Features:
President’s Spring Forum SPU faculty and staff are honored for their years of service and significant contributions to the university. May 8, 2007. (40:01) [Audio]

Thalia Symphony Orchestra performance. February 7, 2006. (10:16) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Honors Convocation: 1984-1985 Former SPU Vice President of Academic Affairs David O. Dickerson reflects on the trials Joseph endured as recorded in the Old Testament. May 22, 1985. (7:35) [Audio]

Catford Recital | What Knowledge Is of Most Worth? | 1991 Centennial Video

May 3, 2007

Recent Features:
Caprice in Passacaile Music Adjunct Julian Catford performs a classical guitar solo at a faculty recital. February 12, 2006. (3:52) [Audio]

What Knowledge is of Most Worth? Professor of Education Arthur Ellis discusses the ideas found in Herbert Spencer’s essay “What Knowledge Is of Most Worth” published in 1859. Online course lecture. (33:23) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
People of a Growing Vision
This 1991 SPU centennial video showcases university faculty, students, and alumni and the difference they are making in the world. (13:14) [Video]

Koenig | Lasworth | Schools Without Failure

April 26, 2007

Recent Features:
A Fall From Grace, Part 1
Instructor of Biblical Studies Sara Koenig examines 2 Samuel 11 which charts David’s fall from grace when he commits the sin of adultery with Bathsheba. April 17, 2007. (18:47) [Audio]

Demonstration of Illustration Techniques Professor of Art Laura Lasworth demonstrates basic illustration techniques in this video presentation. February 2, 2006. (58:57) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Schools Without Failure Former Dean of the School of World Missions at Fuller Seminary Arthur F. Glasser discusses ways in which to motivate students to learn and develop into responsible citizens at the 1970 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Conference. June 2, 1970. (50:11) [Audio]