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2011 Homecoming Celebration

February 9, 2011

Homecoming Chapel: Pam and Scott Nolte, Alumni of the Year. January 20, 2011. [Audio] [Video]

Alumni Awards Luncheon. January 20, 2011. [Audio] [Video]

  • Pam and Scott Nolte: Alumni of the Year
  • Anita Deyneka: Medallion Award Winner
  • Jerry Brown: Medallion Award Winner
  • Ruth Hill: Medallion Award Winner

President’s Luncheon: “Christians in Exile — And a Vibrant Vision for the Christian University” January 22, 2011. [Audio] [Video]

2010 SPU Homecoming Celebration

March 3, 2010

Homecoming Chapel [Audio] [Video]
Alumnus of the Year, Del Wisdom (class of ’63), shares.

Alumni of the Year Awards Ceremony
[Audio] [Video]
Alumnus of the Year: Del Wisdom (class of ’63). Medallion Award Winners: Dan Bolin (class of ’75), Darlene Hartley (class of ’65), Rebecca Townsend (class of ’76), and Wesley Willmer (class of ’71).

Homecoming President’s Luncheon [Audio] [Video]
SPU President Philip W. Eaton reflects on this year’s theme “The Place Where World Change Begins.”

2009 SPU Alumna of the Year Marti Ensign

February 4, 2009

Homecoming Chapel: 2008-2009 2009 SPU Alumna of the Year Marti Ensign encourages Christians to believe that God cares for his people even when a situation looks like a tragedy. January 29, 2009. (31:57) [Audio]

God is not blind | Be intelligent in our work | Healing

September 25, 2007

Recent Features:
Homecoming Chapel: 2004-2005, “God Is Not Blind” 2005 SPU Alumna of the Year Marilyn Meberg shares a humorous story of her automobile breaking down on the road and the unexpected help she received, reminding listeners that God is always in charge, providing for our every need. February 3, 2005. (25:46) [Audio]

The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent in Our Work SPU Alum and lawyer Skip Li calls listeners to actively use their minds to break free from the surrounding culture, utilizing the film Shawshank Redemption to illustrate his point. April 12, 2005. (23:03) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Healing: Who? How Much? How Far? And When?
Goodwill Rehabilitation Counselor and Chaplain Roy Murdock charges listeners to make spiritual healing a primary concern when it comes to personal wholeness. October 29, 1973. (29:47) [Audio]

Catford Recital | What Knowledge Is of Most Worth? | 1991 Centennial Video

May 3, 2007

Recent Features:
Caprice in Passacaile Music Adjunct Julian Catford performs a classical guitar solo at a faculty recital. February 12, 2006. (3:52) [Audio]

What Knowledge is of Most Worth? Professor of Education Arthur Ellis discusses the ideas found in Herbert Spencer’s essay “What Knowledge Is of Most Worth” published in 1859. Online course lecture. (33:23) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
People of a Growing Vision
This 1991 SPU centennial video showcases university faculty, students, and alumni and the difference they are making in the world. (13:14) [Video]

Wall | Hall of Fame | Woodward

April 12, 2007

Recent Features:
Why Jesus?
Professor Rob Wall reads and reflects on Acts 3. April 4, 2007. (32:13) [Audio]

Falcon Legends Hall of Fame Listen to or watch the induction of Orville Anderson, SPU basketball alumnus, into the Falcon Legends Hall of Fame. The inductions of Anita Sartin Barhbaum (track and field), Linda Johnson Cooper (women’s basketball), Frank Furtado (wrestling), V. O. “Bud” McDole (athletic supporter) and are also available on iTunes U. February 2, 2007. (14:20) [Audio] [Video]

SPU Classics:
The People of Promise and the People of Hope Professor Bill Woodward, two-time Winifred E. Weter lecturer, examines the compatibility of Christianity and the American dream. April 14, 2005. (1:33:01) [Audio] [Video]