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“And they were naked, without shame” Genesis 2:4 – 3:24

November 9, 2010

In God’s vision for human life, Genesis 2, we discover that Adam and Eve are “naked and without shame,” indicating the openness and vulnerability for which we are created and for which we long. By Rev. Celeste Cranston, Director of the Center for Biblical and Theological Education. October 5, 2010. [Audio] [Video]

Hosea 1-3 (Parts 1-2)

September 7, 2010

Dean of the School of Business Jeff Van Duzer and Adjunct Professor of Theology Margie Van Duzer explore pain and God’s faithful love as illustrated in the book of Hosea. January 16, 2008.

Part 1 [Audio]

Part 2 [Audio]

Being Married ll Being Single

July 6, 2010

Being Married Vineyard Community Church Pastors Rose and Rich Swetman explore how the church is to embody the reality of the new world of God’s kingdom, illustrated through their own experience of marriage as co-submission.  April 21, 2009 [Audio] [Video]

Being Single Laura Smit, Associate Professor of Theology at Calvin College, discusses the implications of singleness in the Old Testament and the new kind of singleness available to Christians since Christ’s coming. April 28, 2009 [Audio] [Video]

Vocation, Relationships, and Faith: Building a Balanced and Integrated Life

June 21, 2010

Richard Dahlstrom, senior pastor of Bethany Community Church in Seattle and international speaker, discusses “senior survival” and vocation. February 25, 2010. [Audio] [Video]

Day of Common Learning 2008: Theme of Beauty

October 27, 2008

The Day of Common Learning is a campus in-service day during which faculty, staff and students have the opportunity to participate together in a learning community outside of traditional classrooms.

Keynote Address: Beauty, Love, Justice, and Worship Professor Emeritus of Yale Divinity School Nicholas Wolterstorff explores the base commonality between issues of beauty, love, justice, and worship. October 15, 2008. (33:29) [Audio] [Video]

The Psychology of Physical Beauty: Characteristics, Consequences, and Costs Associate Professor of Psychology Margaret Marshall discusses the characteristics of physical beauty, the social consequences of physical beauty, and the psychological costs of the modern obsession with physical beauty. October 15, 2008. (38:54) [Audio] [Video]

Beauty and the Beasts: How Our Ideas About Appearance Affect the Way We Relate to God’s Creatures Professor of Geography Kathleen Braden challenges how our ideas about appearance affect the way we relate to environmental conservation. October 15, 2008. (29:29) [Audio]

Dr. Seuss and the Poetics of Beauty: Why the Grinch, Sneetches, and Lorax Matter Today Associate Professor of Christian Ministry Jeff Keuss highlights Dr. Seuss’ aesthetics influence for many children and how these images address deep questions of belief and realism. October 15, 2008. (47:28) [Audio]

Beauty and the Bible Instructor of Biblical Studies Sara Koenig and Professor of Christian Scriptures Rob Wall explore images of physical beauty in the biblical narrative and a theory of aesthetic guidelines in the formation of the New Testament canon. October 15, 2008. (41:56) [Audio]

Beast…and The Beauty Communications Specialist Jeffrey Overstreet explores the attraction between the beast and the beauty as found in fairy tales, poetry, science, and modern stories and the redemption found therein. October 15, 2008. (54:50) [Audio] [Video]

Leading Beautifully: Practicing the Art of Leadership SPU Faculty Margaret Diddams, Joey Collins, Robert McKenna, and Paul Yost facilitate envision beautiful leadership as an unfolding, interdependent partnership by which leaders co-create the future with the people they lead. October 15, 2008. (51:41) [Audio] [Video]

Knowing and Trusting God, Our Father

February 6, 2008

Ellen Stamps shares personal stories of WWII, working with Corrie Ten Boom, and dating, encouraging listeners to seek and trust God in all circumstances. February 14, 1992. (33:46) [Audio]

Advent | Dilemma of Captivity | Potok

December 18, 2007

Recent Features:
Advent Chapel Pastor Sara France encourages Christians to avoid the trap of consumerism and instead spend time pursuing a soul connection with Jesus. November 27, 2007. (21:34) [Audio]

The Dilemma of Captivity Pastor Richard Dahlstrom talks about forming covenant relationships with others so that Christians might be a blessing and that God’s character will be made visible through the Christian community. October 3, 2007. (27:13) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Cultural Confrontation: Wrestling with Rebellious Stories Author Chaim Potok shares about his writing career and discusses how stories help us encounter truth outside of our cultural traditions. October 29, 1997. (49:30) [Audio]

Helping others | Restoring relationships | Reasons for hope

August 21, 2007

Recent Features:
Transforming vs. Conforming Seattle University Professor of Theology Pastor Flora Wilson-Bridges comments on the Hurricane Katrina disaster response and the need for the next generation of leaders to willingly help others regardless of socioeconomic and racial differences. October 4, 2005. (18:13) [Audio]

Listening For the Call of Christ Founder and coordinator of a volunteer Hutu-Tutsi reconciliation effort in Burundi and Rwanda Prosper Ndabishuriye shares his experiences during the recent civil war in those countries and the efforts taking place to restore relationships between the two tribes. October 11, 2005. (21:56) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Reasons for Our Hope
Former President of the Conservative Baptist Seminary Vernon Grounds admonishes listeners to care deeply for people and events that transpire in today’s society. October 26, 1973. (32:08) [Audio]

Marriage Talk | Sex

August 14, 2007

Recent Features:
Marriage Talk: Till Death Do us Part
Pastor Eugene Cho shares that marriage is a calling, and in successful marriages, the couple is wholly-reliant on God and seeks Him through praying together. February 15, 2005. (20:59) [Audio]

A Christian View of Sexuality Sexual therapists, educators, and authors Drs. Cliff and Joyce Penner address embracing the gift of sex, navigating its scariness, powerfulness, and wonderfulness. March 8, 2005. (29:54) [Audio]

King Came Singing | Soul Mates? | Englund on Nightingale

June 15, 2007

Recent Features:
King Came Singing Assistant Professor of Music Stephen Newby, the SPU Gospel Choir, and Guest Musicians perform music selections and dramatic readings in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January 18, 2007. (47:33) [Audio] [Video]

Soul Mates or Sole Mate? Director of the Center of Evangelical Spirituality Gary Thomas urges listeners to move past idealized notions and expectations of marriage and recognize marriage as a path to holiness rather than a route to mere happiness. May 16, 2006. (27:12) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Florence Nightingale
Retiring Associate Professor of Nursing Ruby Englund shares lessons from the life of Florence Nightingale, a pioneer of modern nursing. February 15, 1990. (47:14) [Audio]