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“The Revealed Hope of Christ” Matthew 21:1-23:39

April 5, 2011

In this last section of Matthew, Jesus fully lives into his attested kingdom of self-less generosity. When all hope seems lost and his words appear empty, Jesus is resurrected as a victorious proclamation of the success of God’s kingdom. By Joy Moore, PhD,  the Director of Black Church Studies at Duke Divinity School. [Audio] [Video]

“Extending Torah for the Instruction of the Church” Matthew 17:14-20:34

March 9, 2011

Pastor Richard Dahlstrom speaks about how Jesus, after reinforcing the importance of a community of faith, expands upon the understanding of Torah and calls for a community of further humility, generosity, and forgiveness. Senior Pastor, Bethany Community Church. February 15, 2011. [Audio] [Video]

“Living into the Kingdom of Heaven” Matthew 11:2-13:53

March 1, 2011

Instead of reinforcing our certainties about God, Jesus’ parables challenge our ideas of how we live into the kingdom of heaven. Tali Hairston, Director of the Perkins Center and Special Assistant to the President. February 1, 2011. [Video] [Audio]

“The Genesis of Jesus” Matthew 1:1-4:17

February 1, 2011

Dave Nienhuis, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies, looks at the first chapters in Matthew which assert God’s ongoing work in the world specifically through Jesus, the Messiah, who stands as a continuation of God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. January 11, 2011.  [Video] [Audio]

Introduction to Matthew

January 5, 2011

Guided Bible readings on Matthew, from the Center for Biblical and Theological Education at Seattle Pacific University, with Dave Nienhuis,  Associate Professor of New Testament Studies. This week’s episode, “Introduction to Matthew,” begins the second portion of the larger Lectio series. [Audio]

For more information about Lectio: Guided Bible Readings, please visit The Center for Biblical and Theological Education’s website.

Psychology of Jesus Series

May 21, 2008

Psychology of Jesus: Personality of Jesus (Part 1 of 4) Former SPU President David McKenna reviews the history of psychological and theological examinations of Jesus’ personality, laying the foundation for his series of talks on the psychology of Jesus. November 3, 1971. (35:06) [Audio]

Psychology of Jesus: Jesus a Full Man (Part 2 of 4) Former SPU President David McKenna examines the personality of Jesus, arguing that he was fully human. November 15, 1971. (28:34) [Audio]

Psychology of Jesus: Psychology of Jesus (Part 3 of 4) Former SPU President David McKenna looks at Matthew 4:1-11, the temptation of Jesus, to show that Jesus was a whole man and how his responses to temptation serve as a model for Christians. January 19, 1972. (30:40) [Audio]

Psychology of Jesus: Jesus – Case Study with Persons (Part 4 of 4) Former SPU President David McKenna argues that Jesus developed a theory of human personality and used that in working with people. April 21, 1972. (32:12) [Audio]

Living on the edge | Reconciliation | Essential element

September 3, 2007

Recent Features:
Living on the Edge: Doing the Work of Reconciliation
Tim Dearborn claims that Jesus didn’t just die for us to be forgiven, he died that all things may be reconciled to God’s purposes. April 4, 2006. (23:31) [Audio]

The Bible’s Message in an Age of Diversity Bethel University Associate Professor of Reconciliation Studies Curtiss DeYoung points to the Gospel as a model for multicultural reconciliation and defines a Christian university as a place where followers of Jesus Christ live out the ministry of reconciliation both on campus and in the world. October 18, 2005. (23:19) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Christians: The Essential Ingredient
Donald Hoke examines Matthew 13:24-30, emphasizing that Christians are the essential element in evangelism. February 5, 1980. (28:44) [Audio]