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Ravi Zacharias: Thomas F. Staley Lecture Series

August 20, 2008

Is There Not a Cause? (Part 1 of 3) Ravi Zacharias challenges Christians to not become overwhelmed by the problems of the world but instead pray and strive to meet the needs of others. Thomas F. Staley Lecture. January 11, 1984. (26:30) [Audio]

Is There Not a Cost? (Part 2 of 3) Ravi Zacharias studies Nehemiah 2-4, the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls, challenging Christians to persevere in their faith and the work that God calls them to despite the opposition they may face. Thomas F. Staley Lecture. January 12, 1984. (35:55) [Audio]

Is There Not a Correspondence? (Part 3 of 3) Ravi Zacharias examines increasing global trends of isolation, loss of shame, and loss of reason. Thomas F. Staley Lecture Series. January 13, 1984. (33:37) [Audio]

The Book of Mark, Chapters 4-6

June 4, 2008

Professor of Educational Ministry Ed Smyth challenges Christians to pursue Christ and to have faith for bold things, including healing. April 30, 2008. (14:45) [Audio]

Knowing and Trusting God, Our Father

February 6, 2008

Ellen Stamps shares personal stories of WWII, working with Corrie Ten Boom, and dating, encouraging listeners to seek and trust God in all circumstances. February 14, 1992. (33:46) [Audio]

Scripture & Experience | Moltmann Moments | The Answer is 42

October 15, 2007

Recent Features:
Scripture and Experience
Professor of Christian Scriptures Rob Wall teaches from Acts 15, encouraging listeners to discern God’s will by connecting personal experience and the Biblical text. October 9, 2007. (32:36) [Audio]

Moltmann Moments: Hope University Ministries provides an introduction to the theology of Jurgen Moltmann, keynote speaker at the 2007 Day of Common Learning. (3:41) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
The Answer is 42 The late Madeleine L’Engle, writer of children’s classics, challenges Christians to be willing to learn and allow God to continually shape their understanding of Him and His creation. April 25, 1983. (15:45) [Video]

Narnia | Radio Drama | Marta Bennett

July 13, 2007

Recent Features:
Further Up and Further In: Why Adult Christians need Narnia
Associate Professor of Christian Ministry Jeff Keuss encourages the reading of The Chronicles of Narnia as a roadmap for making sense of and growing in the Christian faith. November 10, 2005. (44:37) [Audio]

Boston Blackie Radio Drama SPU students perform a classic radio drama. June 7, 2006. (3:20) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
The Drama of God’s Word
Marta Bennett invites the Christian community to delve into scripture and become an active player in the ongoing drama of God’s work in the world. February 2, 1983. (20:44) [Audio]

Koenig | Keuss | Palau

April 18, 2007

Recent Features:
Giving Blood Minister of Discipleship Rev. Matthew Koenig explains the significance of Jesus’ blood at the 2007 Good Friday Service. April 6, 2007. (24:05) [Audio]

Talkin’ About a Revolution Associate Professor of Christian Ministry Jeff Keuss discusses why the resurrection of Jesus matters today. April 10, 2007. (22:34) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Dream Big Dreams, Part 1 of 4
Evangelist Luis Palau encourages the Christian community to seek great things for God in this first of a four part Christian Commitment Week series. October 3, 1978. (37:53) [Audio]

Weigel | Ring by Spring | Images of the Kingdom

March 1, 2007

Recent Features:
What the Church Asks of the World George Weigel, widely regarded as one of America’s leading experts on the role of Christianity in world politics, religious freedom, just-war tradition, and Roman Catholic theology speaks in Chapel. Chapel: February 27, 2007. (55:17) [Audio] [Video]

The Realities and Challenges of “Ring by Spring” Marriage and Family Therapy professor Dr. Scott Edwards discusses the real-life issues surrounding engagement in college. Forum: February 8, 2007.(51:11) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Images of  the Kingdom Theology Professor Dr. Eugene Lemcio examines why Jesus chose images over “straight talk” and what those images have to say. Chapel: October 28, 1985. (28:49) [Audio]