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2012 Weter Lecture – Resurrection of the Body?: Physicalism and the Possibility of Life After Death

June 6, 2012

“Can a Christian be a Physicalist? And is there a coherent story to tell about how a physical entity can survive bodily death?” Rebekah Rice, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, “critically evaluates proposals by Christian Philosophers who have answered ‘yes’ to both questions and have gone on to propose theories about the possibility of resurrection given Physicalism.” [Video]

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In a Global World, Who Is My Neighbor?

July 1, 2011

Join us as professor of sociology, Kevin Neuhouser, outlines the pros and cons of globalization and three challenges for the American church in his 2004 Weter Lecture. [Audio] [Video]

2011 Weter Lecture – A Two-talent Servant in a Five-talent World: Christian vs. Secular Views of Human Potential

June 8, 2011

Paul Yost, Associate Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Director of Applied Learning and Development, discusses emerging research in psychology suggesting that a few stable personality characteristics are surprisingly good predictors of job performance, life satisfaction, and longevity – seeming to indicate that people’s success, job satisfaction, life satisfaction, and even life-long wellbeing might be predetermined.  He explores how a Christian worldview offers a way to acknowledge these findings but in a way that reframes and transcends them. April 18, 2011. [Audio] [Video]

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The 2010 Winifred E. Weter Lecture

February 25, 2010

The Chemical Constraints on Creation: Natural Theology and Narrative Resonance Associate Professor of Biochemistry Ben McFarland describes how the periodic table of the elements and the laws of thermodynamics provide chemical constraints on how life could happen, to the point that we can know much of the procedure of creation. February 2, 2010. (1:32:30) Complete synopsis of The Winifred E. Weter Lecture. [Video]

Toward a Theology of Mental Illness

May 20, 2009

Associate Professor of Psychology Marcia Webb addresses common theological views of mental illness and uses biblical examples of anxiety and depression as a response to Christian myths about mental illness. Winifred E. Weter Lecture. [Audio] [Video]

Rendleman | Spina | What is your life?

May 21, 2007

Recent Features:
Evangelicals in American Film
Associate Professor of Communication Todd Rendleman, 2007 Winifred E. Weter Lecturer, examines how evangelicals are portrayed in movies. April 19, 2007. (1:45:33) [Audio] [Video]

From the Inside Out: The Biblical Story in Global Perspective Professor of Christian Scriptures Frank Spina examines God’s selection of Abraham & Sarah and argues that God works through individuals in order to redeem all people. January 9, 2007. (26:50) [Audio] [Video]

SPU Classics:
What is Your Life?
Missionary Margaret Brabon challenges Christians for fulfill “The Great Commission” by serving in, financially supporting, or praying for the mission field. February 24, 1982. (27:38) [Audio]