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Survey of Physical Chemistry Lectures

April 4, 2012

Associate Professor of Biochemistry Ben McFarland guides students through a variety physical chemistry topics, including thermodynamics, kinetics, quantum chemistry, and spectroscopy.  Watch and listen to his lectures on SPU iTunes U.

Survey of Physical Chemistry (CHM 3410)

April 20, 2011

Ben McFarland, Associate Professor of Biochemistry, walks students through a survey of physical chemistry topics, such as thermodynamics, kinetics, quantum chemistry and spectroscopy, including life science applications. Spring 2011. [Audio and Video]

The 2010 Winifred E. Weter Lecture

February 25, 2010

The Chemical Constraints on Creation: Natural Theology and Narrative Resonance Associate Professor of Biochemistry Ben McFarland describes how the periodic table of the elements and the laws of thermodynamics provide chemical constraints on how life could happen, to the point that we can know much of the procedure of creation. February 2, 2010. (1:32:30) Complete synopsis of The Winifred E. Weter Lecture. [Video]

Erickson Conference Presentations

May 20, 2009

The Erickson Conference showcases the outstanding research contributions that SPU students make in the fields of Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics. Students present the findings of their individual research projects.

Truth, Consistency, and the Crisis of Foundations [Audio] [Video]

Ratio and Proportion [Audio] [Video]

Is Sudoku NP-Complete? [Audio] [Video]

Using Distance Sampling to Estimate Population Size of Black-tailed Deer on Blakely Island, WA [Audio] [Video]

oChem Hammer [Audio] [Video]

Biochemistry (BIO/CHM 4362)

January 14, 2009

Biochemistry Course Lectures: Part Two In this second quarter of a three-part biochemistry series, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Ben McFarland introduces the integration of the chemical knowledge gained about biological systems from fall quarter biochemistry. The major topic, metabolism, is discussed starting with biosignaling and continuing through catabolism, anabolism, and regulation of biochemical pathways. Series of course lectures. [Audio]

Biochemistry (BIO/CHM 4361)

November 5, 2008

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Ben McFarland studies the chemical properties of biological compounds (carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and proteins, and nucleic acids), metabolism (biochemical energetics, enzymes, electron transport, and oxidative phosphorylation), and the integration of metabolism (biochemical genetics, metabolic regulation). Series of course lectures. [Audio | Video]

Urban Conversations | Modern View of the Atom | Miller Science Learning Center

October 22, 2007

Recent Features:
Urban Conversations: Union Gospel Mission White Center UGM White Center Director Katie Russell and SPU Urban Involvement Student Team Leader Corbin Sheffels share about how SPU student volunteers and youth in White Center learn from exposure to diverse cultures and life experiences. October 15, 2007. (5:05) [Video]

The Modern View of the Atom In this course lecture, Associate Professor of Chemistry Greg Phelan explores protons, neutrons, and electrons and then reviews the basic structure of the atom. October 1, 2007. (16:11) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Miller Science Learning Center Construction Plans Former SPU President David McKenna shares design possibilities and construction obstacles for the SPU science center. February 6, 1974. (39:05) [Audio]