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Walter Bruggemann: “The Alternative World of the Psalms”

April 19, 2013

Walter Brueggemann: "The Alternative World of the Psalms"On March 21, 2013, Walter Brueggemann, one of the world’s foremost Old Testament scholars, was at SPU. Listen to his lecture, “The Alternative World of the Psalms”. Presented by the Center for Biblical and Theological Education and the School of Theology in conjunction with the Wesleyan Theological Society and the Society for Pentecostal Studies.

Introduction to Joshua: Eden Lost, Canaan Found

September 28, 2011

Join Dr. Nijay Gupta, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, as he begins the Autumn Quarter Lectio series with an introduction to the book of Joshua.

Introduction to Joshua: Eden Lost, Canaan Found [Audio]

Old Testament Selections from Israel’s Story

June 22, 2011

Join Sara Koenig, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, this summer on a journey through Old Testament selections from Israel’s story. The selection this week begins the journey

Introduction: From Egypt to the Promised Land [Audio]

Learn more about the Center for Biblical & Theological Education’s Lectio Series.

President’s Spring Forum | Thalia Performance | Dickerson

May 26, 2007

Recent Features:
President’s Spring Forum SPU faculty and staff are honored for their years of service and significant contributions to the university. May 8, 2007. (40:01) [Audio]

Thalia Symphony Orchestra performance. February 7, 2006. (10:16) [Audio]

SPU Classics:
Honors Convocation: 1984-1985 Former SPU Vice President of Academic Affairs David O. Dickerson reflects on the trials Joseph endured as recorded in the Old Testament. May 22, 1985. (7:35) [Audio]

Rendleman | Spina | What is your life?

May 21, 2007

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Evangelicals in American Film
Associate Professor of Communication Todd Rendleman, 2007 Winifred E. Weter Lecturer, examines how evangelicals are portrayed in movies. April 19, 2007. (1:45:33) [Audio] [Video]

From the Inside Out: The Biblical Story in Global Perspective Professor of Christian Scriptures Frank Spina examines God’s selection of Abraham & Sarah and argues that God works through individuals in order to redeem all people. January 9, 2007. (26:50) [Audio] [Video]

SPU Classics:
What is Your Life?
Missionary Margaret Brabon challenges Christians for fulfill “The Great Commission” by serving in, financially supporting, or praying for the mission field. February 24, 1982. (27:38) [Audio]